How To Organise A Lake Garda Wedding?


Lake Garda, Italy- a magical place of diversity and a dream location for many who are planning to get married in this country. This is a large and popular place in the north of Italy. The scenery here is picturesque, and the mountains surrounding it are majestic and magical. The area is known for its outdoor activities and water sports, the wide lakes and the gently rolling hills, beautiful gorgeous vineyards, the lemon groves, and warm climes. The climes are Mediterranean, and the landscape around proudly flaunts the same. The flourishing wines and vegetation are a testimony to that. You would fall in love with the towns around and their particular colors, the dotting villages and small churches, and the beautiful villas that encapsulate the shores, making it a hub for romantic weddings.

Recommended famous beaches where you can get married:

Lido Di Fasano

If you aren’t planning a wedding dolomites in Italy style, then think of the Gardone Riviera, where you can organise your wedding. You will find here a beautiful place- the Lido Di Fasana, where you can get married. The waters here are crystal clear and blue, and many weddings happen here all year round. You can party on the lake, and at other places or venues close by. For example, Torre San Marco is a popular hub close by for after-wedding parties in Lake Garda.

Lido Dei Limoni

If you think Wedding Tuscany Italy is too crowded for your needs, then think of Lido Dei Limoni in Gargnano. This area is equipped with everything you need. Such as a parking area for the couple’s arrival and the guests. The beach is free and beautiful as always. There are sunbeds and chairs around, with pedal boats and umbrellas also. Very popular amongst the youth and aged alike. The area has musical nights when the evening dawns, a magical setting of sorts. You can have a fantastic wedding here. 

Spiaggia Dei Pini

If you have checked out Dolomites Weddings and still want a beach wedding in Italy, check out the SpiaggiadeiPini location. The shingle of pebbles and gravel attracts most people to this area, and the large areas of greenery around are soothing to the senses. Your wedding photos would come out unique here, with your close friends and relatives, and this area would make your wedding an unforgettable one.

Piaggia La Quercia

Spiaggia La Quercia is perfect for those who wish to take their vows on the beach. This place is one of the few areas that overlook the majestic lake sans the rocks- the panoramic view here is incredible. You can see century-old vegetation around, clear waters, and shelters, making it a magical destination to get married in.

So plan a Lake Garda wedding and allow us to help you organise the same!

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