How To Prepare For Your First Dance


Saying ‘I do’ to the love of your life is a dream come true for so many people. Weddings are filled with so many emotions, joy, and excitement. But how can you make your wedding day even more memorable? Well, through having a dance with your partner! A perfect couple dance takes everything a notch higher and makes it even more special. If you are nervous about the type of dance before your big day, here is a guide that will help you prepare.

  • Plan early

First things first, are you willing to have the couple dance? This is perhaps the first thing you need to decide before taking the plunge. Talk to your partner and find out if they are willing to have the dance. And if they are not, because of fear of not knowing any moves, let them know that should not worry them at all. Fortunately, there are many couples dancing classes that you can join that will help you two learn the moves you are interested in. There are also many great tutorials online that will walk you through each step of the dance.

  • Choose the type of dance

There are different types of dances you two can pick from. Whether it be the old-fashioned waltz or even salsa, there are all kinds of things to choose from out there. Take some time to sit down with your partner and discuss which dance would suit you best. And, do not be afraid to try out a new dance- you might be surprised at how good it may turn out to be.

  • Start your dance classes

Depending on how quickly you want to learn the moves, you can try out some dance classes to help you. You can either choose a quick, one-time class or even subscribe to a monthly membership that will provide you with daily instruction. Do your research and choose couples dancing courses with great reviews. You can also ask some of your friends if they know of any good couples dancing classes around.

  • Practice! Practice! Practice!

Practice makes perfect! And this is no different when it comes to learning a new dance move. Make some time with your partner to practice the dance moves even after class. It will help you keep your dance fresh in your memory, and you will become experts at it very soon.

Once you have mastered a new dance with your partner, do not be afraid to show it off! This is an excellent way for you to feel confident in your dance moves before your wedding day arrives.

  • Have fun

Learning a new dance move is an exciting thing to do, better yet, with the love of your life. Be sure to have lots of fun with this, even if it feels hard. It will be worth your time and effort in the end, especially when you are replaying the wedding video back in years to come.

Take Away

If you are thinking of having a couples dance on your wedding day, have the tips as mentioned earlier in mind. Best believe you will have the time of your life and make your day extra special!