Is Thong for Everyone?



Thong, a piece of undergarment which has been tagged as the sexiest one by many remains a topic of debate. Women looking to flaunt their natural shape can never find a better undergarment than a thong. With just a string between the buttocks that connects the crotch and the waistband, thong is perfect to hide any panty line. While wearing any tight dresses like a pant or bodycon, a thong is the best sort of undergarment to choose. But many people tend to say that a thing is not suitable for everyone and anyone cannot actually carry one properly. The reality is that the right shape, fitting, size and fabric is the key to choosing the right thing. Choosing something that does not go with your shape, size and comfort well, will definitely ruin the look in place of alleviating it. Thongs come in different styles like G-string, tanga and cheeky thing. Fabrics like cotton, satin and lace are used to make the sexy bride to be thong


When it comes to undergarment, choosing comfort over anything is necessary. One of the best ways to be comfortable in an underwear is by choosing the right size. Your thong will be the first piece if cloth that will go close to your body. A smaller thong will cause the string dig into the skin causing discomfort and even infection. A bigger is also not advisable as cloth will gather causing a bump. Choose a snug fit that gives comfort and serves the purpose. 


The better and comfortable the fabric is, the better it is for your skin if you are going to wear it for long. Cotton will be the best choice when you are looking for an everyday wear thing. Polyamide fabric gives a push feel which is great for special occasions.