The Different Types of Photography


The term photography can be defined as the process of exposing a medium such as film to light to make an image of the subject on a negative. In simple terms, photography is done by the use of a light sensitive material called film. The term photography can also include other media such as paper. After the raw exposure is done, it is developed to form a positive image of the subject on the medium. These two pictures are the negatives and positives respectively. The developed film or paper will be placed into a frame or mat and can be hung on a wall to create a picture.

There are different kinds of photography such as portrait, wedding, travel, film, and wildlife. Each type of photography has its own equipment and processes used. The different kinds of photography are explained below.

Portrait Photography

Portrait photography is based on the creativity of the photographer and the subject to use the camera. Portrait photography is all about capturing the personality of the subject and the subject’s feelings as expressed by the subject’s expression. It is also about balancing the subject’s emotions and expressions with the photographer’s emotions and expressions. When the photographer and the subject are on the same page and the subject is comfortable, the expression will come out naturally. When the emotions are not balanced, the expression will not be natural.

When making a portrait of a person, the Chris Bottrell Photography should give the subject time to think of a pose in which the subject looks natural. The focus of the camera should be on the eyes to capture the person’s expression. The focus should not be on the nose or the mouth to create a full facial expression. When the subject is in front of a background, the subject should be placed so that the person fills the frame and the background is well exposed.

When the person is on a background, the background should not be too bright or too dark. It should be a neutral, well-balanced, yet pleasing background. If the background is too bright or too dark, then the person will not be able to express himself or herself naturally.

Wedding Photography

Weddings are a big deal in people’s lives. Since marriage is a social affair, the weddings are usually held at a venue. The venue can be a home, a club, a church, or a banquet hall. If you are a photographer and you want to work with a Lisbon wedding photographer, the first step is to know the style of the wedding. The other important thing is to understand what makes a wedding special. If you know what makes a wedding special, then you will be able to capture the wedding in a way that it is remembered for a long time.

Wedding photographers are usually hired by the bride and groom. When the bride and groom book the wedding photographer, they will go through the different wedding themes and the styles. They will also discuss the different styles of the wedding.