5 Reasons Postcard Save The Dates Are the Best Choice for Any Engaged Couple


Engagements and weddings are the most important part of every newly engaged or yet-to-be-married couple. And, one of the things that are trending these days is the Postcard save-the-date which has become very popular these days. Besides, giving a traditional wedding card, one of the most important ones is the postcard. You can give the postcards that are with the pictures of you two and mention the date, venue, & time. Or you can even mention the date and time and the most important is the name of the couple. Here are some reasons why post-card save the dates are the best choice –

  1. Old is Gold – (old tradition) 

Postcards save the date are something that may be a new concept for the youths of today or the younger generation of today. But this trend is like ‘old is gold’’ because it has been in fashion since the inception of the postcards in 1870 in France. Since then, people have been using postcards to write short messages, reminders and love greetings, and so on. So, it was also used for sending marriage invitation reminders but the difference is that at that time, the postcards had a picture of scenery or buildings. Now, the trend has changed and couples put their own picture. So, one way it is the oldest trend that people are still following and that’s why it is a popular choice. You can look for save the date templates online.

  1. Affordable – 

Another reason why you should choose the save-the-date postcards is that it is very affordable. You can get 100 postcards for $100 only. Besides that, mailing a postcard will cost you only 36 cents within the whole of the United States. So, it is affordable and cost-friendly also. You can use a good postcard with the picture of you two and the date.

  1. Easy to Remember – 

Another reason for the postcards save the date to be used is that when you send the postcards to your loved ones or family and relatives, then it becomes easy for them to remember the important date and event. Some people can easily forget the marriage dates or other important dates. But postcards are something that people stick on the doors, fridge, or wardrobe and can easily keep seeing daily and remember the date. If you want that people should remember your wedding date then use postcards.

  1. Warm & Special Feelings – 

Sending someone postcards give the recipient of the postcards a very warm and special feeling. It makes one feel instantly connected and getting happy news through a postcard is something that people preserve for a long time. And, most people have a habit of collecting postcards, so your postcards add to their list.

  1. Trendy & Fashionable – 

Sending postcards with save-the-date is fashionable and is one of the most trending ones. Many people are using the postcards save-the-date which is very popular. It is another reason why people choose the postcard save-the-date thing.