A Step-By-Step Planning Guide for Your Wedding Reception


Of course, weddings wouldn’t be complete without a reception. It is where you can end the day while celebrating with your loved ones by giving heartfelt messages and clinking glasses. However, the reception is also stressful to prepare and plan aside from the wedding ceremony itself. So, read this article to know the step-by-step guide on planning for a reception with your wedding coordinator in Singapore.

Set a Wedding Date 

Before you book a venue, you must set a date for your wedding day. It would only be not very easy if you suddenly changed the date and everything would also adjust. So, have a final date, and after that, you can start planning with your wedding coordinator.

Calculate Your Budget 

Planning for your wedding also needs meticulous financial budgeting. You have to consider the vendor fees, wedding planning services, and your payment to your coordinator. Therefore, be more thoughtful about using your budget to avoid financial complications.

Choosing the Venue 

There are many choices for your wedding venue, whether in a hotel, resort, private restaurant, or garden. Before designing the location with your wedding coordinator, pick a place you’ll like. Also, be mindful of the possible weather conditions when planning outdoor receptions.

Seating Arrangements and Menu 

How many guests do you plan to invite? What is their preferred cuisine? These are essential when thinking about the seating arrangements and food menu. Better yet, look for a same-day wedding coordinator who can ensure a smooth flow of your reception program.

Outline the Wedding Reception Program 

The wedding reception also has a program to follow, from guests’ arrival to the speech of the bride and groom. To have a smooth, flowing event, let a wedding coordinator help you ensure that you’ll follow the program as planned.

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