6 factors to Think About When Selecting a Wedding Gown


When a young lady envisions her dream day, she typically thinks about her dress. Surprisingly, the bride-to-be who has not given much thought to wedding preparation and planning always has to find the perfect gown as the priority on her checklist. There are a few tips that you need to keep in mind before you encounter a sea of white, cream and satin dresses, such as:

  1. Make a financial plan.

 In the process of making wedding arrangements, it is essential to do your due diligence in every aspect and come up with a budget. During the wedding gown shopping, you should be upfront and truthful as regards your budget and request the store to conceal anything that is above your budget.

  1. Bring a few guests, but leave the entourage at home.

You would need different opinions when you are in the process of choosing a gown. It is suitable and recommended to tag along your mother, siblings, and best friend whom you think are fashionable and have an elegant style. Nonetheless, you will be needed to put a halt at some point to prevent other people’s opinions from dominating your decision.


  1. Review your style.

“If you have many good-quality items in your closet, you should think about getting a simple, minimalist dress. Consider a bridal gown with an off-white lace overlay and a nude underlay if you enjoy vibrant prints.”

A quick look at your closet will aid in choosing and determining before your journey to the bridal salon. For your bridal stylist to understand your style, you can wear one of your favourite outfits.

On the other hand, you might find this as an opportunity to completely change your style for the day and be your dream self in the photographs and the memories of everyone. If that is the case, your photographer’s style is as important as the dresses and the wedding’s decoration style. You should discuss this vision with both your bridal stylist and your wedding photographer. When I was choosing my  London wedding photographer, I also reviewed their style to see if they fit the overall style of the day. 

  1. Be open-minded when shopping.

What might look fabulous and pretty on a model in a picture may be unfit for you. Everybody is adorned with a different body shape and size, then what you expect to appear glamorous on you might turn out to be not flattering. Brides-to-be are always advised to keep an open mind when shopping for a wedding dress. A bride can find themselves falling in love with something they thought they wouldn’t be able to love.

The least favourite dress on the hanger may highlight your figure in the greatest possible manner.

  1. Take into account the location of the venue

Take the location of the wedding into consideration. Is it indoors or outdoors? Will you have to walk on a muddy road or dance on a grass pitch? Choose the train of your wedding gown and your shoes accordingly. 

Some venues might have compulsory requirements. For example, if you intend to have a church wedding, follow their guidelines. Some churches require a bride to cover their shoulders. If this appears to be inappropriate with the dress you intend to wear, consider wearing a bolero or a bodysuit that be detached after the ceremony. 

If your intention is to get married in a different country, read about their ways beforehand, which might affect your style choices.

  1. Factor in the weather.

Factoring in the weather can help you to deduce how those conditions can influence your day. It is wise to consider the temperature and high humidity rates when choosing your gown. Choose a dress with fewer layers and perhaps a loose fit. Nobody can accurately predict the weather on your big day, but researching aids in understanding the type of weather to expect.



The best advice that one can offer a bride is to never settle for less than the perfect dress for them. Choose the dress that you have always envisioned yourself in on your big day.