Four Important Considerations When Planning a Bridal Shower


People hold bridal showers to celebrate the soon-to-be bride and get everybody excited for the wedding celebration. A bridal shower is attended by the bride’s family and closest friends. For many brides, a bridal shower is an important part of their journey to starting their own family. Because of this, bridal showers should be prepared with elegance in mind. These events won’t be complete without beautiful décor. For anyone who hosts a bridal shower, picking Raven Blooms wedding shower décor is fun and exciting. This starts with picking the best bridal shower theme. The theme can influence not only the décor but also the event menu. When planning a bridal shower, the following should be paid attention to:

Bridal Shower Theme

Part of ensuring the success of a bridal shower is choosing the best theme. The interest or passions of the bride, the time of year, and where the shower will be held must be considered when choosing a theme. The possibilities are endless, so you must narrow your options down and pick an impactful one.


When you decorate a bridal shower, you must pick a theme that suits the personality and style of the bridge. Also, make sure the décor is appropriate for the chosen venue and looks good in photos. The best décor makes the bridal shower unique to the bridge.


Did you know that the bridal shower venue will set the tone for the event? When you choose a venue, ensure it can accommodate all the guests, but is too big that it feels empty. Pick a venue that the guests can conveniently access. In addition, ensure it has a perfect atmosphere. If you want a more casual bridal shower, you could hold it at a restaurant or café. If you are looking to host a formal bridal shower, consider booking a hotel room or event space.


To keep the fun going during the shower, ensure entertainment is available. One form of entertainment is to have the portraits of your guests drawn by a caricaturist. This allows guests to be involved and have a keepsake of the special day. Also, you set up a photo booth for guests to take fun photos with the bride-to-be.

When it comes to bridal shower entertainment, you cannot go wrong with games. Just make sure you pick appropriate games based on the interests and ages of your guests. In addition, a professional entertainer can entertain your guests by performing for them or leading some fun activities.