Fun Adventure to Try on Your Honeymoon in the Pyrenees


Visiting the Pyrenees for your honeymoon can be both fun and romantic. If you and your partner enjoy being amidst nature and away from the chaos of the city, there are plenty of things you can be doing in the Pyrenees. 

The Pyrenees is an amazing place to spend time with your new spouse on your honeymoon. You can explore more through online research, but here is a taste of what you can anticipate. Pyrenees national park is a must visit place for adventure and beauty of nature that is never witnessed before. It is part of the natural wonders of the France.

In the mountains of the Pyrenees, you get to see unforgettable and authentic experiences along with the foothills where traditions, culture and profound respect for the environment and nature are in the veins of local folk. Be it summer or winter, adventure is always at high. Here is a list of things you can do when you are in the Pyrenees making your honeymoon fun and cozy. 

  • Following the track of a brown bear on the mountain of Pyrenees:

In the mid 1990’s, the brown bear of the Pyrenees had become extinct, but in the past 20 years bears in Slovenia have been reintroduced on both sides of the Spanish and French Mountains. The senses go on high alert by exploring the exclusive and shy creature’s habitat. only some guides know the right place to find their footsteps. 

  • Horseback adventure:

The bay Castillon and black merens horses are the natives of Ariege Pyrenees. They are good-natured and sure-footed beasts that are well-trained in the terrain of mountains. During the multi-day trek, they move the horse lovers to the top of the mountain in the pristine and wild environment, where vultures and eagles take the space up high sky and ibex and chamois scurry on the rocky ridgelines. 

  • Experience for the adventurous skier:

Make sure to take your partner for the ski mountaineering adventure or ski touring and leave the busy resorts and crowded lifts behind. The guides will help you out with the safest and best spots where you can enjoy mountains in mental and physical challenges. 

  • The canyoning experience this winter:

The central French has a number of rivers and gorges flowing down from the peak of 3000m. In the month of hot summer, they get a natural ground to play making it fun to fight the heat away. But during the winter they get a distinguished and adrenaline-fueled environment for some adventure. 

Wear a neoprene dry-suit and dip into the melting water, rope down into the waterfalls covered with ice and slide naturally in the pools that are snow lined. Canyoning is one of the alternative adventures that you must try once in your life. This can be a great sport for your honeymoon if you are brave enough to do it. 

Having an adventurous honeymoon can be unique and fun. There are so many things you can try staying in the Pyrenees that you can be confused about what to do. You can always mix up and do activities that you like. Make your honeymoon adventurous and exciting in the Pyrenees and other natural wonders of France