What to Look for in a Venue for Your Catholic Wedding Reception


While the venue for your Catholic wedding reception isn’t as important as the church in which you intend to get married in, there are still some things which will be important as far as Catholic weddings go. For example, some faiths don’t drink alcohol which isn’t against the rules of the Catholic Church. Therefore, you will probably want a venue that serves champagne for the traditional toasts that are always an important part of the reception. With that said, if you are looking for a venue in which to hold your reception, here is some of what you may find to be important considerations.


1. Proximity to Church

If the wedding reception is to be directly following the nuptial mass, then you would probably want to find a venue in close proximity to the church. This would give guests time to arrive at the venue and be seated before the bride and groom arrives. The wedding party usually stays behind once the guests have left the church so that the photographer can get in any last minute shots of the newlyweds and the wedding party.

2. Parking

If parking is an issue, guests may arrive a bit perturbed. They are all dressed for a formal occasion and if they need to park far from the venue, walking any distance in heels may be rather uncomfortable for the ladies. A venue with valet parking is ideal, but if valet service isn’t available, at least a large lot would make it possible for guests to park in close vicinity of the venue.

3. Seating Capacity

Next on the list of things to consider would be the maximum seating capacity. You will want plenty of room for the required number of tables and seats. Tables should be large enough to comfortably hold all the place settings and floral arrangements chosen in advance by the bride and groom. Also, tables should be large enough to also hold the Catholic wedding favors that guests can keep as a memento of this important day, the first of your life together as man and wife.

4. Menu, Bar and Table Service 

You will also want to find a venue that has a variety of menu items to choose from. Most often it is suggested that you have two offerings for the main entrée. One is usually some kind of meat while the other option would be fish or seafood for those who don’t eat red meat. As for the bar, typically two tickets per adult are handed out and if anyone wants another alcoholic beverage there is a bar set up to serve drinks which can be paid when ordering more than the two complimentary drinks.

5. Stage and Sound System for Live Entertainment

Finally, what is a wedding reception without entertainment and dancing? You will want a venue with a dance floor especially for the traditional father and daughter dance along with a stage or area for the band to play. Most bands come with their own sound system, but many venues have speakers throughout the room so that music, announcements and those traditional toasts can be heard well by all in attendance.

Here’s wishing you the perfect end to a perfect day – the first of many together as man and wife.