Presets for Lightroom That Wedding Photographers Cannot Live Without

Warm Wedding Presets

If you’re a wedding photographer, you know that getting great shots is just half the battle. The second step is editing the photographs so that they look their best. The built-in Lightroom presets, on the other hand, might be a lifesaver in this regard. In this piece, we’ll discuss the five essential Lightroom presets for every wedding photographer.

Set to a Golden, Melodramatic Flavour

If you want to capture the joyous and nostalgic vibe of a wedding day, the Golden and Nostalgic preset is your best bet. These Best Wedding Presets will impart a warm golden tone to your photographs, giving them an ethereal and dreamy feel. Outdoor weddings, especially those held on beaches or other settings where natural light may be utilised to give images a gorgeous shine, are perfect for this. This preset will make your photos seem like they were taken many decades ago, evoking a sense of longing for a simpler time. Photographers of weddings who want a classic look may find the Golden and Nostalgic presets particularly useful.

Warm Preset Usage

The Warm preset is great for wedding photographers who want to add a magical feel to their images. Using this preset will give your images a hazy, pastel hue that will give them an ethereal, dreamy look. Weddings held inside or with a big number of floral objects benefit greatly from this style since it creates a look evocative of a fairy tale that is both wonderful and otherworldly. The Warm preset is ideal for the wedding photographer who wants to achieve stunning but surreal results.

Timed for optimum beauty

Wedding photographers who wish to capture the “magic hour,” the time just before or after sunrise or sunset, should use the Warm Wedding Presets. This preset will make your photographs seem like they were taken during the golden hour by adding a warm, golden glow. It’s perfect for outdoor weddings or ceremonies set in areas with stunning surroundings since it highlights such features. If you’re a wedding photographer looking to capture the glow of natural light, the Golden Hour preset is your best bet.

Created with a Tough Appearance by Design

Those that shoot weddings and want their photos to have a rustic charm will find that the Earthy preset is ideal. With this preset, your images will have a warm, earthy tone that is more natural and organic looking. It’s perfect for weddings that take place outdoors or in locations with a lot of natural elements, as it draws attention to the warmth and beauty of the surroundings. The Earthy preset is perfect for wedding photographers who want their images to have a natural, earthy look.


Photographers shooting weddings who want their images to have a soft, dreamy feel will benefit greatly from using the preset. This preset will give your photos a natural, earthy vibe while also lending them a mellow green tint. It creates an atmosphere that is soft and soothing, which is both attractive and peaceful, making it perfect for weddings held in green spaces, whether they are held outside in lush gardens or inside with plenty of plants. For more on this you can visit These presets are perfect for wedding photographers who are looking to capture calm, romantic images.