What to Know About the Concept of Bride Price? 


In some societies where group interests associate themselves with the economic aspects, there comes an arrangement between the parties that are involved in a marriage. The negotiations between such parties include discussing everything about the terms and payments that the groom’s party will be paying for the bride’s party. This is known as bride-price.

Sometimes, the groom’s party will not be able to pay the bride-price as agreed upon before the marriage. During such instances, this party will look for the sources that can get them the amount for rent, till the wedding completes. This is just like hiring a wedding dress for rent and returning it after the wedding. Here, both the grooms’ and the brides’ close family members will be on the same page, as the main agenda is to make sure that the guests know that the bride-price has been paid in full.

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Bride Price 

The possible commodities that are considered as the bride price include money, goods, or livestock as agreed by the bride’s party to be accepted by the groom’s party. Here, the groom’s team will be compensating the bride’s family because the latter will be sending their daughter to their house to live with the family of the groom, and also will be bearing children in the future.

The bride price represents labour-power and fertility allocations that the groom’s party will be paying for the bride’s party. This bride price is overlooked by the older men in the families with a sense that the alliance is secured, and the bride is provided fully with all her requirements in the groom’s place.

Even though the agreed-upon bride-price is paid and her future is secured in the groom’s place, she will still come under the position of her husband, who will be the decision-maker in the house. The payments will make sure that the rights of the woman and her children will be secured, even though the parents of the bride may not be alive to help her during any complications that may arise in the marital life in the future years.

Bride-Price and Dowry 

While speaking about the bride-price, people often mistake the term for a dowry. This is not right. Dowry is entirely different from the concept of bride-price, as the bride-price is paid by the groom’s party to the bride’s party.

Many factors will influence when it comes to finalising the bride price and are listed below.

  • Whether or not the bride is a virgin
  • Whether or not the bride is a corporate employee with a high-paid job
  • Whether or not the bride is beautiful

The concept has been abolished by certain families that do not believe in the fact that the groom’s party is buying the bride by paying a price. However, some orthodox families are still under the obligation to follow this rule while securing an alliance.